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May 13, 2005


67% of Municipalities See Fee-Based Waste Collection As Effective

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The Japan Association of Waste Sanitation Organizations announced in November 2004 the results of a survey that targeted the local governments of all cities and towns nationwide two months earlier about their opinions on municipal waste disposal. A total of 3,106 questionnaires were sent out and the response rate was 66 percent.

Asked whether they thought fee-based systems for municipal waste disposal services were effective in reducing the volume of waste disposal, 67 percent of respondents answered positively (12 percent answered "quite effective" and 55 percent "effective"), while 12 percent said "not so effective," and 20 percent had no opinion.

The 67 percent of respondents who answered positively were further asked how much they think is desirable as fees for waste disposal services. Forty percent of them indicated "less than 20 percent of costs," while 38 percent replied "20 to 40 percent," 16 percent replied "40 to 60 percent," 2 percent replied "60 to 80 percent" and 4 percent replied "80 percent or more."

The association consists of 18 public service corporations and groups involved in waste disposal under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment that are working to expand waste-related systems. The survey results were presented to the Central Environment Council, a governmental advisory body, which has been discussing future directions for municipal waste disposal with the aim of moving toward a sustainable society.

Posted: 2005/05/13 11:12:20 PM
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