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February 28, 2004


Nissan to Launch Limited Leasing of Fuel Cell Vehicles

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Nissan Motor Co. of Japan acquired approval from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for its 2003 model X-TRAIL FCV, a high-pressure hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle (FCV) on November 25, 2003. As a result, Nissan plans to launch limited leasing of the X-TRAIL FCV. Following Toyota and Honda, which started limited leasing of FCVs at the end of December, 2002, Nissan achieved commercialization of its FCV two years earlier than its original plan.

The 2003 model X-TRAIL FCV is equipped with a fuel cell stack manufactured by UTC Fuel Cells of the United States, and is fitted with a high-powered motor that generates a maximum power level of approximately 85 kW, about 1.5 times more than its 2002 model, enabling the vehicle to deliver a powerful driving performance. The driving range has also been extended 1.75 times to more than 350 km. This increase was accomplished by adopting Nissan's compact lithium-ion battery and a fuel cell stack that operates with superior efficiency. The compact lithium-ion battery features high power density, outstanding cooling performance and a compact design.

Adoption of a newly developed, thin laminated cell in place of a conventional cylindrical cell has also allowed this battery to contribute to a substantial improvement in interior space efficiency.,1299,SI9-CH179-LO3-TI959-CI719-IFY-109,00.html

Posted: 2004/02/28 12:22:31 PM
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