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September 27, 2003


Japan Highway Public Corp. Promotes Recycling

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The Japan Highway Public Corporation, a nonprofit government organization managing the construction and operation of inter-city expressways and toll roads, has been working to recycle plant waste generated from pruning and mowing activities on roadsides under its care.<br><br>Roadside plant waste such as grass clippings and plant roots are made into compost to be used as a soil conditioner. This "Green Recycling" system was started at the corporation's recycling plant at the Kawaguchiko Interchange on the Chuo Expressway in fiscal 1994 and has gradually been expanding across Japan.<br><br>In fiscal 2001, Japan Highway produced 13,000 cubic meters of composted manure and 14,000 cubic meters of woodchips at its recycling plants nationwide and used them in its tree-planting projects. With this green recycling system, the corporation aims to reduce environmental impacts as well as save construction costs.<br><br>

Posted: 2003/09/27 11:51:50 AM
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