Eco-business / Social Venture

February 5, 2014


Company Introduces Dishes Cooked with Hot Spring Water

Keywords: Eco-business / Social Venture Food Non-manufacturing industry 

The Matsunoyama Chamber of Commerce in Niigata Prefecture introduced at "Food Messe in Niigata 2013," an international food festival held November 9, 2013, a dish that uses locally produced pork cooked at a low temperature using source water from Matsunoyama Onsen (hot spring).

The environmentally friendly product was developed by Manma, a company established by a group of accommodation businesses in Matsunoyama, which is known as one of the three great medicinal hot spring villages of Japan. In addition to geothermally cooked dishes, Manma also serves dishes cooked with locally produced seasonal ingredients and fermented foods prepared in a traditional manner.

Since 2010, Matsunoyama has been conducting experimental studies on geothermal binary power generation, and working on making use of hot spring water, a renewal energy source.