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November 17, 2013


Fujitsu Testing One of the Largest Low-Potassium Vegetable Factories in Japan

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Fujitsu Group announced that from July 2013 to March 2014, it would be testing a low-potassium vegetable factory in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, a city affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The factory is one of the largest of its kind in Japan.

The plant, converted from a clean room for semiconductor production, can control substances in the air, liquid fertilizer ingredients and the like to a minute degree, by making use of know-how on creating optimal manufacturing conditions and eliminating contamination.

The company plans to test grow low-potassium leaf lettuce from October 2013, and to begin commercial production in February 2014. Cultivation is conducted using techniques derived from the practical experience of Aizufujikako Co., which is based on patented technology held by Akita Prefectural University.

Fujitsu also aims to help revitalize local industry, as well as to help build a society where people can enjoy meals who are advised by a doctor to limit their potassium intake because they are on artificial dialysis or have chronic kidney disorders or other illnesses.