Eco-business / Social Venture

October 12, 2013


Small Local Business Trying to Build Regional Closed-Loop Economic System

Keywords: Civil Society / Local Issues Eco-business / Social Venture Manufacturing industry Resilience 

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The social business Anyatto Co. was established in April 2010 in Komatsu, the third largest city in Ishikawa Prefecture, with the view of creating the future of Komatsu. The company is working to develop a new business model which makes effective use of local assets with a vision to create a closed-loop economic system within Komatsu.

Projects of the company include: branding and nationwide sales of Komatsu Udon Noodles, the soul food of Komatsu; promoting local consumption of locally cultivated Komatsu Six-Row Barley; and establishing Caossa Komatsu, an online shop specializing in characteristic and nostalgic products of Komatsu. These projects are expected to help create a regional, closed-loop, sustainable economic system that is independent from the outside economy.

According to its long-term business plan, within five years from its foundation, the company plans to establish a business model that continues to generate revenue and create jobs, to secure a stable source of funding for sustainable town planning, and to develop cooperative relationships with local residents. Within 10 years, Anyatto hopes to revitalize the downtown of the city, and have streets bustling with locals and tourists. It aims to complete a "new Komatsu." by 2030.