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October 8, 2013


First Book Made from Recycled Japanese Banknotes Published

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Japan's first book made from recycled paper money (Bank of Japan notes) was published in July 2013. The book is entitled "Life is An Equation for Wasteful Spending" (unofficial translation), written by Shoko Akagi. Paper made from recycled Japanese currency was used for the cover and inner pages of the book.

Japan generates 3,000 tons of worn out paper bills per year. Those bills are shredded, and about 60 per cent of them are recycled into building materials, fuel tablets, toilet paper, and office supplies, while the rest are incinerated as general waste.

Studio for Dreams, People, and Things (Yume, Hito, Monozukuri Koubou in Japanese), a limited liability company in Osaka, has been collaborating with various companies to develop products using recycled bills. It became the first company to develop a book with recycled Japanese currency.

Tokiwa Sohgoh Service, the company in Tokyo that published the book, specializes in selling publications and novelty goods about money.