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October 4, 2013


Kao Releases 'Ultra Attack Neo' Detergent to Finish Wash Load in Only 5 Minutes

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Kao Corp., a major Japanese manufacturer of consumer products such as cosmetics and detergents, announced on May 27, 2013, that it will launch a new laundry detergent named "Ultra Attack Neo" that washes off stains in only five minutes. The product owes itself to a new cleaning ingredient called "ultra-anion," a product of the company's research and development activities. This is a major improvement from the company's environmentally friendly product released in 2009, which reduced rinsing frequency from twice to once.

When washing four kilograms of clothes with the new detergent in a quick-wash cycle, users can save 9 to 44 minutes compared to a normal cycle, effectively cutting about 17 to 72 watt-hours, or 19 to 56 percent of energy use, at the same time.