September 21, 2013


Loans to Female Entrepreneurs by Japan Finance Corporation Increase Significantly

Keywords: Manufacturing industry Money Non-manufacturing industry 

The Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) announced, on April 22, 2013, the data on loans to business start-ups in fiscal 2012 by its Micro Business and Individual Unit, which provides business loans to micro/small businesses and business start-ups. According to the results, the number of businesses provided loans was 19,469, up 18 percent from the previous fiscal year and the loan amount was 133.3 billion yen (about U.S.$1,250 million), up 32 percent from the preceding fiscal year. The number of loans to female entrepreneurs, in particular, was 3,226, a significant increase of 21 percent from the previous fiscal year. The businesses started up by female entrepreneurs tended to all into the beauty, restaurant/cafe and esthetic salon categories.

The number of business start-ups had continued to drop from the respective previous fiscal year as the conditions for business initiation worsened due to the sluggish economy, resulting mainly from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and Great East Japan Earthquake. However, it surpassed that of the preceding fiscal year for the first time in four terms. The number of business start-ups by seniors aged 55 or older and young people under the age of 30 also surpassed that of the previous fiscal year, which indicates that the range of business start-ups has broadened.

The JFC will continue to positively provide support to business start-ups that have the potential to revitalize the local economy and create employment opportunities.