March 31, 2013


Panasonic Helps Develop Capacities of NPOs

Keywords: Civil Society / Local Issues Manufacturing industry Money NGO / Citizen 

Panasonic Corp., a major Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer, held on November 20, 2012, a capacity building forum and an award ceremony for projects adopted for its non-profit organization (NPO) support fund for FY2012. Since establishing the fund in 2001, Panasonic has been committed to NPO capacity building (developing capacities of organizations) with a view to supporting sustainable development of grass-root activities, helping overcome social challenges, and eventually contributing to social reform.

As general comments at the award ceremony, while NPOs and citizens' groups were praised for their efforts in reducing casualties and promoting community bonding in the wake of the earthquake and tsunamis of March 11, 2011, they were also asked to aim for sustainable operations. Moreover, expectations were expressed that more organizations would apply for funding to carry out painful reforms for the betterment of the future of Japan.

At the capacity building forum, panel discussions and presentations of activities were conducted by recipients of support funding and supporting bodies regarding prerequisites for organizations that can achieve outcomes and mechanisms for strengthening the capacities of organizations. Through practical discussions, participants shared the understanding that the keys to success are determination to shake themselves up and that each mission will be successful only when capacities of organizations are sound.

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