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January 16, 2013


Lohas Holdings to Launch Solar Roof Rental Business

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Lohas Holdings Co., a green business operator in Japan, announced on October 11, 2012, that it would establish a joint company in Fukuoka City with Helios Energy Europe S.L., a major photovoltaic panel manufacturer in Spain.

The company will generate revenue by selling all power generated by 255-watt photovoltaic modules, the highest power generating efficiency in Japan, to power companies based on the feed-in-tariff scheme (FIT scheme) established by the Japanese government.

The company will rent the rooftops of commercial facilities and warehouses from private companies to install concentrated solar power systems, covering the entire cost of installation, including maintenance. It will tie 15-year fixed lease agreements with the roof suppliers (partner companies) and pay lease fees to those companies.

The company aims to install 50 megawatts for residential and commercial roof leasing and 50 megawatts for ground installation in the next three years.

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