Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

November 15, 2012


Survey Shows Increasing Awareness of 3Rs and Biodiversity

Keywords: Ecosystems / Biodiversity Government Reduce / Reuse / Recycle 

According to the Japanese government's "Public Opinion Survey on the Environmental Problems , the terms "3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle)" and "biodiversity" are gaining more recognition among the public, with 33.3 % and 19.4% of respondents, respectively, recognizing the terms, up from 29.7% and 12.8% in the previous survey (June 2009). This increase illustrates a growing awareness of the environment. The survey was conducted by the Cabinet Office in June 2012 and the results were released by the Ministry of the Environment on August 4.

To the question on transition from a society of mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal toward a recycle-oriented society, 49.5% respondents said that such changes should start with what can readily be done, such as the reuse or recycling of waste, without sacrificing current quality of life and the benefits of mass production and mass consumption. Meanwhile, those who replied that the shift to a recycling-based society is inevitable, even if such changes detract from quality of life, stood at 31.2 %, down from 38.1% in the previous survey.

A total of 3000 people aged 20 and above were individually interviewed across the nation on two themes; recycling-oriented society, and society in harmony with nature. The number of valid responses was 1,912.

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