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August 5, 2011


Japanese Housing Maker Launches 'EV Equipped' Eco House

Keywords: Eco-business / Social Venture Energy Conservation Non-manufacturing industry Transportation / Mobility 

Kudo Corp., a Japanese construction company, has started to build spec houses named "EV House" that are each equipped with an electric vehicle (EV), following its announcement of the project on December 17, 2010. The company will build a total of 15 EV Houses in Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. This is the first product of its kind in Japan's housing industry.

EV House comes with an all-electric Nissan Leaf and a private charger stand adjacent to its carport as standard equipment. Built with reinforced concrete, the house is superinsulated, boasting both low air-conditioning cost and high earthquake and fire resistance.

Additionally, EV House uses a photovoltaic system and ENE-FARM, a fuel cell co-generation system, for power generation and hot water supply. EV House residents will use the power produced by both systems and sell the excess to a utility company, thereby supplying their own energy without ever paying an electric utility bill.

Posted: 2011/08/05 06:00:15 AM