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June 12, 2011


Volunteer Group to Publish Picture Books from 'Sleeping Books'

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The Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA), Japan, a non-governmental organization, has been supporting children in Southeast Asia through educational and cultural activities. With 2011 marking the 30th anniversary of its founding, SVA is aiming to publish 10,000 picture books in the region in an anniversary project called "From Book to Book." To achieve its goal, SVA will utilize proceeds earned from collecting 300,000 used books and CDs as part of its Recycled Books Aid initiative.

Bookoff Corp., a major used-bookstore chain in Japan, evaluates the value of used books and CDs sent to the company and donates to SVA their value plus a 10-percent donation. People with used books to donate are simply required to pack them in a cardboard box, inform SVA of a pickup date, and hand over the box to a courier company. No fees are charged. Pickup arrangements can be made over the internet, by telephone, or by fax. A box-full of books weighing under 15 kilograms allows SVA to print approximately one copy of a picture book.

SVA is now launching a campaign called "Social Contribution through Home Moving" during the busy school enrollment and job relocation season. Those who applied by May 5, 2011 will receive a 10-percent discount coupon for Asian crafts produced by Fair Trade in about a month after the pickup of books.

SVA wants books that would otherwise collect dust on the shelves to be used effectively to give a million Asian children the chance to learn from 10,000 picture books.

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Posted: 2011/06/12 06:00:15 AM



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