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March 31, 2011


Japanese Convenience Store Chain Introducing Eco-Friendly Stores Built Using 'Eco-Wood'

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Ministop Co., a major Japanese convenience store chain, announced on November 25, 2010, that it was beginning to develop environmentally friendly stores equipped with features including solar photovoltaic systems and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. It is also promoting its new store already equipped with a solar system and built with 100 percent domestic wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is the first attempt of its kind in the industry.

Teaming up with major Japanese house builder Daiwa House Industry Co.'s model project to build next-generation convenience stores with reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Ministop opened the first such store, Ministop Hamamatsu Shinbara Store, on November 19, 2010, in the city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. The store is outfitted with a solar power system and straight-tube LED fluorescent lamps. By analyzing data and improving energy efficiency through an energy management system, Ministop expects to save about 15,000 kilowatt-hours per annum, equivalent to 8.5 percent of its total electricity consumption.

Ministop had said that it would open a new store constructed of wood in February 2011 in the city of Hamamatsu. It will be the first commercial establishment in terms of eco-friendliness, employing solar systems, straight-tube LED fluorescent lamps, and an energy management system under Daiwa House's CO2-saving model project, as well as being built using 100 percent FSC-certified domestic wood.

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Posted: 2011/03/31 06:00:15 AM