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September 6, 2010


Shibukasa, an Umbrella Lending Service

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JFS/Shibukasa, an Umbrella Lending Service
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The social project team Symbol of Life (SOL) has started an umbrella lending service, Shibukasa, in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, a popular place for young people. SOL is a group of young adults that formed in 2007. Shibukasa is a project that lends people usable plastic umbrellas that otherwise would have been thrown away. The name of the project, "Shibukasa," combines the words Shibuya and kasa, the Japanese word for "umbrella."

In recent years, there have been many sudden torrential downpours in Japan. For this reason, Japan uses the most umbrellas in the world, 120 million a year. Approximately half of these are disposable plastic umbrellas. Therefore, Shibukasa collects umbrellas that are no longer used, or were forgotten, and places them at one of 42 shops in Shibuya. Borrowers can use these umbrellas for free, and people who return them get Earth Day Money coupons, which can be used locally.

The project promotes the reduction and reuse of plastic umbrellas. In addition, it is hoped that this service will revitalize local communities, and urge young people to contribute more to society.

Posted: 2010/09/06 06:00:15 AM