May 31, 2010


Survey Shows One in Four Consumers Willing to Contribute to Green Social Activities Even if it Costs Money

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According to a survey conducted via the Internet by the Japan Research Institute, only about 10 percent of people are unwilling to participate in social or environmental activities through products or services, while more than half are willing to participate in such activities if no cost is required. In addition, one in four people would like to take part in such activities even if it involves a cost. Furthermore, less than 10 percent of people are willing to choose environmentally conscious products or services even if their prices are high regarding to almost all of the listed products and services, while more than half are willing to choose them if their prices are the same as the corresponding products or services.

On the other hand, respondents had a poor understanding of technical terms concerning environmental and social issues. This means companies should try to communicate with consumers without using such terms. The survey also revealed that about one-half of people get information on companies' social and environmental activities from products and services themselves, although most of them also get such information from advertisements and news from the TV and newspapers.

The survey was conducted January 16-17, 2010, and targeted 2,060 men and women throughout Japan aged 18 and over, to investigate consumers' actions and awareness of environmental protection (including social contribution activities).

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Posted: 2010/05/31 06:00:15 AM