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January 12, 2010


Copy Paper Made from Scrap Wood Now on Sale in Japan

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A new copy paper product was added in April 2009 to a product line made using wood resulting from the thinning of planted forests under the "Kininaru Kami" brand -- which in Japanese carries the nuance of "green paper products" -- aimed at nurturing forestry in Japan. The Kininaru Kami line was singled out by the Council for a Citizen-Oriented Campaign to Support Forestry, whose members include paper manufacturers, prefectures in Kyusyu Region and the Kyushu Regional Forest Offices of Japan's National Forestry Agency.

Made from 30-percent scrap-wood pulp derived from the byproducts of forest thinning, and 70-percent recycled pulp, the copy paper conforms to the requirements of Japan's Act on Promoting Green Purchasing. Other features include the fact that the paper's whiteness level is rated at 69 percent, and the price matches that of 100-percent recycled-paper products. Beside this, part of the proceeds from the sales of the copy paper goes to forest-owners, as a reduction fee. As for other products in the line, Kininaru Kami makes three types of paper folders and two types of envelopes.

The Council is striving to promote wider use of the byproducts of forest thinning, especially paper, which is the most common wood-derived consumer product available. It aims to further promote the proper care and thinning of plantation forests by increasing the number of new products available, to promote more procurement of these products by organizations, and to see that reduction fees are paid to forest owners.

Posted: 2010/01/12 06:00:15 AM