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October 2, 2009


Toyota Tops Environmental Brand Survey, Followed by Panasonic

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Toyota Motor Corp. has the best environmental brand image in Japan, according to the 10th Environmental Brand Survey released on July 7, 2009, by the Nikkei BP EcoManagement Forum, an organization conducting studies and research on environmental management. Based on the forum's environmental brand index, Toyota ranked first for the 10th consecutive year. Panasonic Corp. ranked second, followed by Suntory Holdings Ltd., Honda Motor Co., and Aeon Co.

The survey questionnaire investigated consumer awareness about the "green" efforts of 560 major companies, with valid responses from 21,742 people. The overall score of the environmental brand index for each company was calculated using data collected in such categories as evaluation of environmental efforts, environmental image, and accessibility of environmental information.

Toyota was praised for the release of a new model of Prius, one of the most popular eco-friendly vehicles. Honda, which attracted attention with its Insight Hybrid, also scored highly, moving to fourth place from fifth place in the previous survey. Panasonic advanced from sixth to second place as a result of increased publicity of its environmental efforts focused on energy-saving consumer electronics. Nippon Oil Corp., a company promoting new energy-related business such as photovoltaics and fuel cells, jumped to 10th place from 18th place in the last survey.

These high-ranking companies have a number of things in common, They provide high-profile goods and services, such as hybrid cars, energy-saving home electronics, and photovoltaics, and actively publicize their environmental efforts to appeal to consumers.

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Posted: 2009/10/02 06:00:15 AM