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March 5, 2009


Toyota and Panasonic Rank as Best Companies Focusing on Green Action

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MM Research Institute Ltd., a Japanese marketing research company, released the results of a survey on user's attitude toward green action on October 30, 2008, focusing on consumer monitors of goo Research, the national biggest internet questionnaire service company (1,052 people throughout Japan). Each respondent cited one to three company names in response to the survey. Toyota Motor ranked the highest (24 percent) as a company focusing on the green action. Panasonic Corp. was ranked second (8 percent), and a major Japanese retailer, Aeon Co., was third (7 percent).

Most of the respondents praised Toyota for the following reasons; "Sales of environmentally friendly products, such as hybrid cars," and "progressive actions toward reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions." As for Panasonic, most respondents cited environmentally conscious products and the image of their commercial messages. The majority of respondents who chose Aeon cited the company's promotion of tree-planting activities and actions encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags in order to reduce plastic bag use.

In the questionnaire focusing on consumer electronics and IT, Panasonic ranked highest, with 34 percent of votes cast, while Sharp Corp. finished second with 15 percent. The major reasons these companies were selected included: "promotion for photovoltaic generation", and "the commercial image of their products, such as AQUOS." Hitachi Ltd. came third, gaining 10 percent of respondents. Many of those surveyed based their choices on the companies' commercial images.

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Posted: 2009/03/05 06:00:15 AM