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October 5, 2008


Closed Recycling System for Used Uniforms Established

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Renown Uniforms Inc., a Japanese uniform manufacturer jointly owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Renown Inc., has established a closed-loop recycling system, the first system of its kind in the Japanese uniform industry, according to an announcement by Toyota Tsusho on February 28, 2008.

When company uniforms are worn out, they are ordinarily disposed of as industrial waste or are collected for recycling to produce industrial or raw materials. As each company independently collects used items for recycling into materials such as pellets or fabrics, it has been difficult to establish a closed-loop recycling system through collection, recycling and production of goods such as eco-bags made of recycled fabric.

The first customer to participate in this system was Circle K Sunkus Co., a Japanese convenience store chain. Circle K Sunkus has accepted Renown Uniforms' proposition to use the new recycling system for newly ordered company uniforms. Ecolog Recycling Japan Co., as well as other companies, currently cooperate in the operation of this system. Circle K Sunkus has encouraged its own customers to participate by distributing eco-bags made of recycled fabrics at its stores.

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Posted: 2008/10/05 11:27:54 AM