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August 21, 2008


PTA Collects Home-used Frying Oil on Parents' Days

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Copyright the Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations of Ono City

The Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations of Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, has conducted unique activities, independently from the City Board of Education. In February 2008, the federation started a new campaign, calling for elementary and junior high school students and their parents to contribute home-used frying oil to a waste oil refinery. The collected oil is taken to a waste oil disposal contractor for reuse as biodiesel.

Under the new campaign, the federation urges schools to hold up banners with their slogan "Leave a good global environment for children in the future" and to set up recycling bins for waste oil, on parent visiting days, open school days and PTA board meeting days. Students and their parents are expected to bring home-used oil in plastic bottles. Reusing such waste oil, which would otherwise be disposed as burnable garbage, will also help prevent damage to incinerators.

Among 12 elementary and junior high schools in Ono City, two schools joined in the campaign in February, collecting 210 liters of home-used oil, one school in March, collecting 170 liters, and three schools in May, collecting 545 liters. The federation continues to collect waste oil at school events beyond July, expecting more schools to participate in the campaign. It claims that the campaign helps increase occasions for families to bring up environmental issues at homes, talking about how their home-used oil is reused.

Under the theme of the environment, the federation has been engaging in eco-friendly collection activities since fiscal 2007. In February 2008, it made their original play on the theme, performed the play on a presentation of Parent Teacher Community Association (PTCA) and produced a DVD for wider appeal among the parties involved. The federation intends to expand their activity, for example, by developing it as a regional community project.

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Posted: 2008/08/21 09:42:42 AM