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August 9, 2008


Victor Entertainment and Hakuhodo Jointly Establish Eco-Label CHIKYU RECORDS

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Victor Entertainment, Inc., a major Japanese label, Hakuhodo Inc., a major Japanese advertising agency, and team HAKUHODO RECORDS (see Note 1 below) announced on April 21, 2008, that they jointly established and commenced operation of a new record label, CHIKYU RECORDS, aiming to encourage people to think about environmental issues such as global warming and energy through music.

The CHIKYU RECORDS label is a brand for the distribution of environment-themed music and products, and the broadcast of calls to action on this and other big issues in society. It provides eco-music offerings that help people think about the global environment. Going forward, the CHIKYU RECORDS brand will function as a platform for collaborations between companies and creators to release environment-themed music, produce songs for commercials, and implement events and other activities.

The first offering from the label was the June 18 release of a CD containing prize-winning songs from "Eco Japan Cup 2007." For each CD sold, one tree will be planted to offset greenhouse gas emissions (see Note 2 below).
In addition, the label intends to lead efforts to green the music industry by substituting renewable energy for a portion of the electricity used in recording and using environmentally friendly packaging.

Note 1: About team HAKUHODO RECORDS
This Hakuhodo creative team builds advertising campaigns pivoting on music. Through creative production of music, the team devises businesses that communicate with the world, and develops and implements sound branding, labels and more.

Note 2: About Eco Japan Cup 2007
A contest jointly organized by the Environmental Businesswomen, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and the Ministry of the Environment to seek out and nurture budding eco businesses. Winning individuals and teams were selected in three categories: Business, Culture and Lifestyle.
The culture category is further divided into Eco Design, Eco Music and Eco Art sub-categories.

Posted: 2008/08/09 06:44:40 AM