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July 25, 2008


MOE Releases Basic Plan for Sound Material-Cycle Society

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Japan's Ministry of the Environment (MOE) released a brief outline of "The Second Basic Plan for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society" in May 2008. Considering environmental protection as a pivotal issue for human survival in the future, the plan aims to further promote a recycling-oriented society, domestically and overseas; for example, by enforcing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

Specifically, the plan sets more rigid numerical targets for resource productivity (about a 60% increment), rates of cyclical resource use (about a 40-50% reduction), and volumes of final disposal (about a 60% reduction) expected by 2015, compared to the year 2000. The plan also sets up various indexes for coordinating an approach to achieving a low-carbon society, such as a reduction target for wastes.

To achieve the targets, all players -- including the central government, citizens, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, businesses, local governments -- will need to perform their roles by means of cooperation and alliances. The central government in particular needs to implement measures for appropriate circulation of resources in East Asia, and attempt to contribute to international research for resource productivity from a global viewpoint in addition to pursuing domestic approaches.
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Posted: 2008/07/25 05:49:22 PM