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April 9, 2008


More Shoppers In Kagawa Pref. Carry Own Bags

Keywords: Local government NGO / Citizen Policy / Systems Reduce / Reuse / Recycle 

The government of Kagawa Prefecture, located on Shikoku Island in western Japan, announced on November 6, 2007, that the percent of shoppers carrying their own shopping bags in Kagawa increased to 8.8 percent, 2 points higher than in 2006. The prefecture has been conducting an eco-friendly shopping campaign since 2003 to promote waste reduction, energy saving, and resource saving in cooperation with Network Greenconsumer Kagawa, a nonprofit organization that promotes eco-friendly consumer lifestyles. The campaign includes encouraging people to bring their own shopping bags and purchase eco-friendly products.

The prefecture and the network conducted a special eco-friendly shopping campaign during the month of October 2007, and surveyed the rate of shoppers who were bringing their own shopping bags to stores participating in the network on October 5, during the campaign. The results of this survey showed a rate of 8.8 percent, an increase of two points over the 6.8 percent observed in 2006. This is threefold increase compared to three percent in 2003.

Several reasons for the 2-point increase were given: awareness due to the activities of the Network Greenconsumer Kagawa and its members, increasing public awareness of environmental issues including global warming, and more efforts by businesses due to the amended Containers and Packaging Recycling Law. The growing trend towards more consumer awareness has led Kagawa prefecture to promote education about "carrying your own shopping bag" in cooperation with the concerned entities, but efforts are still falling short.

Posted: 2008/04/09 05:39:57 PM