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March 1, 2008


Seven-Eleven Japan Simplifies Deli Packaging to Reduce Plastic Use

Keywords: Non-manufacturing industry Reduce / Reuse / Recycle 

On October 10, 2007, Seven-Eleven Japan Co., one of the leading convenience store chains in Japan, announced that it is phasing in changes in the way it packages its lunch boxes, from using full shrink wrapping to simply taping down the cover of the container, in all its outlets starting in November 2007. The plan aims to reduce environmental impacts, improve the appearance of its lunch boxes, and make them more attractive to consumers.

To maintain an airtight lunch box package, Seven-Eleven also improved the design of the steam-release valve needed when it is heated in a microwave oven, and the structure of the tape used to keep the cover and container together. To prevent the collapse of piles of lunch boxes during delivery and display, it changed the shape of the cover top and the container bottom so they mesh with each other better. To stabilize lunch boxes in delivery cases, the company decided to sandwich other products such as rice balls between them. These changes resulted in safer delivery and simpler packaging.

Seven-Eleven expects these changes will reduce its use of plastic by approximately 570 tons a year, equivalent to a 5 percent reduction in the use of plastic shopping bags. The company said it will carry out the plan in all of its 11,837 outlets by the end of March 2008.

Posted: 2008/03/01 03:15:54 AM