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January 28, 2008


Over 2 Million People Say No to Plastic Bags

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The Green Purchasing Network (GPN) consists of local governments and companies promoting green purchasing in Japan; during the month of October 2007 it conducted a campaign in which employees of network members refused plastic bags--the "Green Purchasing Action by GPN's 5 Million People" campaign.

By aiming to mobilize all 5 million employees of GPN's 3,000 member companies and governments into action during a specified period, the campaign was designed to send a strong message about the need to accelerate green purchasing. It also aimed to raise awareness and understanding of green purchasing among employees and their family members by encouraging them to take part.

In fact, about 2.36 million people from 382 GPN members such as Aeon Co., NEC Corporation and Tokyo Gas Co. took part in the campaign in various ways. For example, Akita City installed a screen saver on its internet website advertising the campaign. To-on City's civil-service workers distributed reusable shopping bags they designed and made themselves, and elementary school children in Akiruno city made reusable shopping bags in class.

During the one-month campaign, each participant rejected plastic bags 7.9 times on average, according to a questionnaire survey conducted about the campaign.

Learning from this first attempt, the GPN intends to make some improvements for the future, for example, to extend the pre-action notice and action periods, collaborate with other campaigns, and set specific goals. The GPN also plans other campaigns to promote the purchase of green products such as energy-saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) and local seasonal vegetables.
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Posted: 2008/01/28 03:01:41 PM
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