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December 12, 2007


Celebrity Concerts Raising Awareness and Participation in Recycling Plastic

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In a coordinated effort to promote recycling in Japan, audiences at three major celebrity concerts in July and August were asked to toss their used plastic cups and bottles into on-site collection boxes for recycling. Teijin Fibers Ltd., a major Japanese polyester manufacturer, coordinated the project--full cycle recycling--something rarely, if ever, done at any concert.

The company promoted the campaign with ads printed on plastic containers, set up special on-site collection boxes, and made announcements during the shows to explain the recycling process and ask audiences to help with the effort.

An estimated 1,000 kilograms of used plastic cups were collected, processed, and then turned into various other products such as T-shirts and curtains, while about 650 kilograms of used PET bottles were collected, processed back into raw polyethylene fiber, and then turned into new polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

The campaign was done with the strong support of concert organizers, artists, and concert hall staff, with the common goal of reducing the environmental impacts of concerts and other live entertainment events. A spokesperson for Teijin Fibers said the company hopes that these efforts will increase the number of people familiar with recycling and more aware of their impact on the environment.

Posted: 2007/12/12 12:58:33 PM
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