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November 14, 2007


Used PET Bottles Recycled into Eco-Bags

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Seiyu Ltd., a major Japanese supermarket chain, and Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. practiced a limited time joint campaign on July 2, 2007, to sell Coca-Cola beverages together with Seiyu's original eco-bag made using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

Through the campaign, Seiyu and Coca-Cola aimed to efficiently use post-consumed PET bottles with a closed-loop recycling flow, to reduce consumption of a plastic bag given by Seiyu and to enhance a recycling loop with "Seiyu-Coca-Cola-Consumers" and environmental awareness.

Fifty-one percent of the fibers used to make the eco-bags come from used PET bottles, which are collected in collection boxes placed at Seiyu stores and are then crushed and cleaned by a recycling vendor.

Six 500-ml PET bottles of Coca-Cola and the eco-bag are sold as a set at 558 yen (U.S.$4.5) at the 392 Seiyu group shops nationwide. The campaign was finished when the 48,000 eco-bags prepared were all sold in a shot period.

Posted: 2007/11/14 08:24:38 AM
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