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November 9, 2007


Japan Maintains World's Highest Steel Can Recycling Rate: 88.1% in 2006

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The Japan Steel Can Recycling Association, a non-profit organization established by steel producers and can manufacturers, announced on July 24, 2007, that the nation's recycling rate for steel cans in 2006 was 88.1 percent, maintaining the world's highest level. This was the second highest rate recorded, following 88.7 percent in 2005. Japan has attained the target recycling rate of 85 percent, set as a guideline by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, for six successive years.

According to the Association, the high recycling rate was due to several factors. The top factor is that the system of sorted collection has spread throughout the nation; 99.0 percent of all the municipalities in Japan have implemented the sorted collection of steel cans. At the same time, citizen awareness about sorted collection has increased and their cooperation has intensified.

In addition, the Association attributed the high recycling rate to steel makers' well-organized system of recycling steel can scrap; 76 steel plants process can scrap into good quality steel, and the recycled steel products have a large market. Another factor is that the price of steel scrap has remained high due to the increasing demand for resources worldwide.

Posted: 2007/11/09 09:37:59 AM
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