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September 23, 2007


Recycling Rate of Industrial Plastic Waste Rises Significantly in Seven Years

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In March 2007, the Plastic Waste Management Institute (PWMI) released a report on the disposal and recycling process of industrial plastic waste. As follow-up to a 1999 report, this survey was conducted in fiscal 2006, covering six categories in the manufacturing industry and two categories in the construction industry.

The total recycling rate of plastic waste emitted from these eight categories increased from 22.6 percent in fiscal 1999 to 65.8 percent in fiscal 2006. The amount of their plastic waste going into landfills was reduced to less than one fifth over this period. This rising recycling rate is due to increase in use of energy recovery from 9.7 to 38.2 percent. Especially, the use of heat recovery systems has risen remarkably from 5 to 27 percent.

The PWMI was founded in 1971, aiming to develop systems for optimal processing of plastic waste and to promote the effective use of processed waste as a resource. To achieve its aims, the PWMI performs a wide variety of tasks. These include researching and developing technologies for using plastic waste effectively, performing model experiments, disseminating technologies, conducting research surveys, publicizing the work of PWMI, and providing loan guarantees to recycling ventures.
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Posted: 2007/09/23 03:06:03 PM
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