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August 11, 2007


Adachi Ward Starts Toy Reuse Program

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On the first Sunday of every month, Tokyo's Adachi Ward gives citizens points recorded on an electronic environmental IC point card in exchange for used toys delivered to the Adachi Toy Exchange Center, which opened on April 1, 2007 with the aim of facilitating the re-use of old toys.

When citizens provide unwanted or broken toys to the center, they earn environmental points depending on the toys' condition. Volunteer toy doctors repair the toys or reuse parts to repair other toys. The repaired toys are displayed at the center and given away in exchange for points from the environmental IC card.

Adachi Ward drew up its own basic policy for environmental education in March 2006, following the enactment of the national Law for Enhancing Motivation on Environmental Conservation and Promoting of Environmental Education. Adachi Ward has been conducting an environmental education program, the "Adachi Econet Program," since November 2006. In this program, people who put PET bottles in reverse vending machines positioned around the ward earn points on the environmental IC card. The toy reuse program is in the second stage of this local environmental education program.

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Posted: 2007/08/11 05:25:38 PM
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