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June 24, 2007


Community-Based Environmental Group: Chubu Recycle Citizen's Organization

Keywords: Climate Change NGO / Citizen Reduce / Reuse / Recycle 

Chubu Recycle Citizen's Organization (CRCO) is a Japanese non-governmental organization in the Chubu region of central Japan. It was established in October 1980 by volunteers concerned about the modern disposable society and environmental destruction. Their principle is to "start from what they can do." They believe that each and every person has to cooperate in creating a recycling society. With the aim of creating such a society at the local level, CRCO is involved in a wide range of activities in seven areas: Creating recycling systems in communities; Creating participatory environment-conscious communities; Partnership with companies; Human development and environmental education; Development and promotion of eco-products; Networking with other organizations; and Support of other environmental non-profitable organizations.

Every year, CRCO provides citizens with an environmental education program in partnership with Chubu Electric Power Co. In fiscal 2006, a three-day program was conducted under the theme, Ecological Lifestyle, and was attended by 30 children aged around 10. On the first day, children visited the Okumino hydroelectric power plant in Gifu Prefecture and learned the merits and demerits of thermoelectric power, nuclear power and natural energy sources such as hydroelectric power.

On the second day, the children made Japanese omelettes and learned about saving energy through shopping and cooking. On the third day, after reviewing their activities, the children listened to speeches on the non-profit organization ICAN, which supports people living around waste disposal sites in the Philippines, and the civic project, "Alaska, its Spirits and Michio Hoshino," which conveys the importance of conserving nature in Alaska. Through speeches and filmstrips, the children learned about current environmental issues and discussed what they can do about them.

Posted: 2007/06/24 11:19:40 PM
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