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May 24, 2007


Green Delivery System Using Returnable Packing Boxes Wins Eco-Products Award

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On December 14, 2006, the eco-friendly packing and delivery services of Starway Co. were recognized by the Minister's Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan at the Eco Products 2006 Exhibition. Established in December 1999, Starway has been offering these services, using recycled and reusable packing boxes, dubbed E-Star Pack.

One of the services, product delivery service for repair, works as follows. When a user asks a repair company to repair a product, Starway collects and packs the product using E-Star Pack and delivers the package for repairs. After being repaired, Starway collects the item, packs it and delivers it back to the client. The packaging is then collected and reused.

The E-Star Pack has two cushions made of special stretchy urethane film. Held in the middle, the product is secured in place by what is essentially a cushion of the air. It takes less than a minute to pack a product without any other cushioning material. The package, made of hard board from 100-percent used paper, is reusable more than 100 times, and customers can expect a dramatic cost reduction by using this service. E-star packs are rented to customers, and if they become damaged and unusable, they can be recycled as material for new E-star Packs.

Those who use 10,000 one-way packages per month can decrease their annual use of packages from 120,000 packages (240 tons) to 1,000 packages (two tons) by using the environmental delivery service (if a package is used 240 times). This is equivalent to a reduction of 36.4 tons CO2 and 0.3 tons NOx, and conservation of 2.4 hectares of forests.
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Posted: 2007/05/24 11:00:28 AM
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