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May 17, 2007


New Canon Printer: 83% of Components Reusable

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Canon released an eco-friendly model of its office-use multifunctional color printer, "iR C3200N-R," on February 7, 2007. The model is largely composed of reused parts, accounting for 83 percent of its weight. Applying advanced recycling technologies to used components under strict quality controls, Canon has succeeded in maintaining comparable levels of reliability and performance in this model as in products made of new materials.

The company has successfully reduced the environmental impact of the manufacturing process by more than 76 percent. It has introduced original recycling technologies, such as "blast washing", to reuse exterior components, while maintaining high quality. Owing to these efforts, the model meets the standards required by the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.

The model is an all-in-one device for copying, printing, scanning and faxing, with an output speed of 32 pages per minute (A4, horizontal) in color or black-and-white.

With its "Universal Send" function (optional), it is possible to send scanned hard-copy documents via multiple communication means, including e-mail and fax, in a single operation. Color documents can also be delivered and shared without affecting network burden with another optional function that converts documents to high-compression PDF files.

Posted: 2007/05/17 03:20:14 PM
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