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May 17, 2007


Six Schools to Join Ministry's Eco-Project

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As of January 26, 2007, The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has selected six new schools as model schools in fiscal 2006 for its "Eco-Renovation of School Buildings and Environmental Education" project, which provides eco-education in schools and communities through ecology-conscious renovation of school buildings. The schools for the so-called "Ecoflow Project" include Urawa high school of Saitama Prefecture, Mikata junior high school in Wakasa, Fukui Prefecture and Midori elementary school in Iyo, Ehime Prefecture.

The extensive renovation or rebuilding of many old school buildings is now necessary, as many were built in the 1960s to cope with the nationwide surge in the child population. In addition to being places for education, schools act as cores of local societies. Based on these points, the Ministry started its "Ecoflow Project" in fiscal 2005 with the understanding that schools are an important base for the long-term fight against global warming in non-industrial sectors.

The projects in these adopted schools will be carried out for 3 years, from fiscal 2006 to 2008. The study groups for eco-school renovation and eco-education are formed by local governments to closely follow the renovation and to provide education along with the eco-friendly renovation. Building engineers, community residents and school teachers participate in these groups.

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Posted: 2007/05/17 03:03:37 PM
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