July 6, 2006


2005 Top News on Environment in Asia Published

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The 2005 edition of "Top News on the Environment in Asia" has been issued by the Institute for the Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). The IGES is an international research institute conducting practical and innovative strategic policy research to support sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region, which is now experiencing rapid population growth and economic development. The Japanese Government took the initiative of establishing the institute. The news topics are chosen by experts, international institutes and research facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Top News has been published annually since 1998 and, with the first contributions from Bhutan and Central Asia, the 2005 edition brings together more news reports than ever before, a total of 118 articles from 21 countries. It covers such a wide range of topics as global warming, air quality, water resources, waste and recycling, nature conservation, and policy measures and systems.

The 2005 edition discusses the efforts taken to manage the pollution of the Songhua River in northeastern China, the Sumatra earthquake, and the subsequent Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, and it also covers the latest information on global warming and bio-safety. In order to provide information on environmental issues and policy trends in Asian countries over the past year, the Top News is distributed to about 500 organizations, including administrative offices, environment-related NGOs, and research institutes.

"The IGES is probably the only policy research institute that specializes in the environment in Asia. This Top News even covers important information that has never been reported in Japan. We hope that it helps encourage further research and activities," said a spokesman. The Top News is to be published periodically, with the aim of playing a role in tackling environmental issues in Asian countries.


Posted: 2006/07/06 10:53:02 PM
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