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August 10, 2005


Patent Granted for 'Defibrated' Material and Wood Waste Recycling

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The Agricultural Research Division of the Mie Prefectural Science and Technology Promotion Center announced on April 3, 2005, that it has obtained a patent for a new "defibrated" material made from wood waste, together with the related production method, as well as a new "microorganic material." Wood wastes such as pruned branches collected from trees in parks or along city streets are normally disposed of by incineration as general waste. Thanks to this technology, they can now be turned into useful gardening materials.

With this technology, a sponge-like defibrated wooden material is created using a conventional steam explosion process, by which wood chips are exposed to high-pressure steam in a pressurized container, and released rapidly at atmospheric pressure.

As effective microorganisms beneficial to plant growth can proliferate in the antibacterial defibrated material, use of this new gardening medium is expected to help reduce agricultural pesticide use. It is anticipated to be effective particularly for growing regular and Chinese cabbage, both vulnerable to soil diseases. The center intends to promote this product through various events.

Posted: 2005/08/10 08:53:49 AM
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