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June 4, 2005


Toyota Auto Body Co. Provides Eco-Friendly Toilets to Aichi Expo 2005

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Toyota Auto Body Co., an affiliate of Toyota Motor Corp., is providing eco-friendly toilets free of charge to the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan, which opened on March 25.

Using a microbial treatment system and an ozone gas generator developed by the company, the toilet recycles sewage water into clear, odorless water that can be reused to flush the toilet.

The company installed a total of eight eco-toilets in the west terminal parking lot of the Nagakute site. Over the course of the six-month Expo, this is expected to save an estimated 1,000 tons of water, enough to fill three 25-meter swimming pools.

Posted: 2005/06/04 05:30:47 PM
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