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April 22, 2005


Major European Fashion Brands Adopt Paper Fiber

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A new trend of using paper fiber for fabrics has been spreading among prestigious fashion brands in Europe. The new fiber was developed by Oji Fiber Co., an affiliate of Japan's Oji Paper Co. It, is made from Manila hemp pulp and known by the brand name "OJO+."

This paper fiber has many advantages: it is lighter than cotton yarn and fuzz-free so it can be made into smooth fabrics. As a totally plant-based material, it is also biodegradable and breaks down into carbon dioxide and water when discarded, giving it a reputation as an eco-friendly fiber.

In establishing the manufacturing method for this so-called "Third Fiber," Oji Fiber combined traditional Japanese paper-making craftsmanship with its own mass-production know-how. The company launched full-scale sales in November 2002, and production volume in 2004 amounted to 70 tons. The price has so far been considerably higher than for cotton yarn, but OJO+ is now being used not only for apparel in Japan and abroad but also in soccer and futsal goal nets and even for wallpaper, thanks to the growth of environmental awareness.

Posted: 2005/04/22 09:12:55 PM
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