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January 31, 2005


Toyota Auto Body to Provide Bio-Toilets for 2005 EXPO

Keywords: Environmental Technology Manufacturing industry Reduce / Reuse / Recycle 

Toyota Auto Body Co., an affiliate of the Toyota Motor Group, will provide bio-toilets free of charge to the 2005 World Exposition to be held in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, from March 25 through September 25, 2005. The bio-toilet can recycle sewage water into clear, odorless water that can be reused to flush the toilet. The company started developing this type of bio-toilet in October 2000, and has installed two bio-toilets at its own office and another at a related company for monitoring and assessment.

The bio-toilet purifies sewage water three ways: through microorganism processing, filtering, and decolorization. In the first process, nitrogen and other substances in human waste are biodegraded in a microorganism processing tank. Then, sludge and impurities are separated from the water using filters. Escherichia coli bacteria are filtered out by the use of a 0.4 micromillimeter thick film. In the final process, the water is decolorized and sterilized by using the oxidizing ability of an ozone gas generator also developed by the company. The bio-toilet reduces the environmental burden because it does not discharge wastewater.

Installing eight bio-toilets at the Expo site is expected to achieve conservation of about 1,000 tons of water during the six-month Expo period. Toyota Auto Body will conduct market surveys and get feedback at the Expo in expectation of marketing the product. The company plans to sell the toilets to factories, schools and public parks in fiscal 2005 at the earliest.

Posted: 2005/01/31 12:02:24 PM
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