Eco-business / Social Venture

January 29, 2005


Business Cards Produced from Plantation Thinnings

Keywords: Eco-business / Social Venture Ecosystems / Biodiversity Non-manufacturing industry 

Greight Inc., a Tokyo-based personal seal maker, started a business card printing service on October 1, 2004, using paper from trees cut for the purpose of thinning plantation forests. The business cards are made using pulp of wood from thinnings (10 percent) and used recycled paper (90 percent), and are on sale at its 311 "Hanko-ya-san 21" franchise shops.

Periodic thinning of plantation forests is necessary for the remaining trees to grow properly. The current sluggish timber market has also led wood producers to look for ways to utilize thinned logs. By promoting the sales of business cards made of paper from thinned wood, the company expects to contribute to better forest growth in Japan, help vitalize forest management, popularize thinned-wood products and encourage sound forestry practices.

The company plans to promote this service to businesses engaged directly in forest preservation and environmental protection, and to consumers concerned with environmental issues and looking for a way to help. The sales price is 1,554 yen (US$14) per 100 cards, equal to the company's standard single-sided, black and white-printed cards.

To further encourage the use of paper made from thinned wood, Greight Inc. plans to expand its use to envelopes, post cards, and fliers.

Posted: 2005/01/29 10:19:18 AM
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