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November 1, 2003


Kurume City Draws Up Basic Environment Plan for Bicycle Use

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Kurume City in Fukuoka Prefecture has drawn up a basic environment plan for bicycle use as part of its town planning initiatives.

Kurume City bases its plans on vision of Kurume as a city that by promoting the use of bicycles nurtures a sense of caring for others, protects the environment and promotes health. The basic plan consists of five fundamental policies, among them the creation of a network to secure safe and comfortable riding routes, the provision of adequate parking spaces, and other measures to promote the use of bicycles.

The city will develop plans and measures in its city center as a model zone, using the width of existing roads and considering priorities on each route. Once completed, there will be a web of bicycle routes throughout the city.

In addition, the basic plan includes improving bicycle parking spaces and implementing ordinances, recycling abandoned bicycles, supporting and introducing new systems through bicycle sharing and rentals. The city also plans to take various approaches to improve the environment for bicycle use such as promoting and raising awareness of riding manners and rules, in cooperation with citizens and volunteers.

Posted: 2003/11/01 08:06:20 AM
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