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October 8, 2003


Sanyo Electric Railway Starts Selling 'Ticket Charcoal'

Keywords: Non-manufacturing industry Reduce / Reuse / Recycle Transportation / Mobility 

Japan's Sanyo Electric Railway Co., operating between the Osaka-Kobe area and Himeji, started selling charcoal made of carbonized tickets on September 6, 2003. The idea arose from the company's global environmental program.

Used tickets are carbonized in a kiln at 1,100 degrees Celsius for 45 hours, and keep their original form. The carbonized tickets are sold at station kiosks as a deodorant for refrigerators, cars, and rooms.

Being made from paper, the ticket charcoal has more pores among its twined fibers than wood charcoal, so its deodorizing effect is stronger and more lasting. Sanyo Electric Railway suggests that consumers further recycle the charcoal by burying it in the ground to improve soil quality and purify groundwater.

Posted: 2003/10/08 06:20:26 AM
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