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March 14, 2003


FamilyMart to Adopt On-Site Microwave Disposer for Food Waste

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FamilyMart Co., one of Japan's leading convenience store chains, will install on-site microwave disposal units for the primary processing of leftover food waste at individual chain stores starting in March 2003 . This is the first attempt at using such devices in Japan¡Çs convenience store industry.

The microwave disposer is compact – about the size of a small washing machine – and so requires little space. Its microwave drying technology prevents the emission of unpleasant smells and is also excellent in terms of safety, convenience and sanitation. With these advantages, the unit is appropriate for small convenience stores.

This disposer can reduce 5 kilograms of food waste to half by weight and to a quarter by volume during a process lasting 60 to 80 minutes at a cost for electricity of about 8 yen (about U.S. 6.7 cents) per kilogram processed.

FamilyMart expects that the introduction of this system will reduce food waste and thus reduce the burden placed on the environment. It will also save waste disposal expenses for each store, as processing 15 kilograms of food waste every day will cost only 3,600 yen (about U.S.$30.25) per month and the frequency of waste collection will be reduced.

To start, the company plans to install these disposal units at about 180 directly-managed stores nationwide. The company will assess the system¡Çs convenience and cost efficiency as it considers introducing it at franchise stores.

Posted: 2003/03/14 11:11:09 AM
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