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November 10, 2002


"No Plastic Bag Day" on the 5th of Every Month

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The Japan Chain Stores Association (JCA) has set the fifth of every month as "No Plastic Bag Day," starting in October 2002. This initiative is a part of its ongoing campaign to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags when shopping, in order to reduce the consumption of plastic bags.

JCA has for some time been conducting a campaign to reduce the consumption of plastic bags. It will continue to enhance its campaign and has set a mid-term target to increase the average proportion of shoppers bringing their own shopping bags at its member chains from 6 percent in fiscal 2001 to 20 percent by 2004. In addition, the possibility of charging for plastic bags will be considered.

Each store will display "No Plastic Bag Day" posters. Also, shoppers can pick up postcard-sized cards carrying the message, "No plastic bag, please," from near entrances and cash registers. The cashiers will not offer plastic bags to shoppers who display the card in their shopping cart.

It is estimated that approximately 250,000 tonnes of plastic bags are used in Japan annually, amounting to a total of about 31.3 billion bags, or about 260 per person. Some local governments have been promoting their own projects to encourage shoppers to bring their own shopping bags and thus reduce the consumption of plastic bags. Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture, for instance, has launched a campaign called "My Bag Day." With the participation of more than 270 shops in the city, the campaign successfully eliminated the consumption of approximately 10.7 million plastic bags in one year, starting in June 2000.

Posted: 2002/11/10 03:36:52 AM
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