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August 26, 2002


Wind Power for Asahi Breweries' New Plant

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Asahi Breweries Ltd., based in Tokyo, has set up a plant in Minami-Ashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture. The new plant was completed on May 9 2002 and a ceremony to commemorate the completion was held the same day. Construction began in December 1999.

The Kanagawa plant grounds cover approximately 410,000 square meters. The total costs of construction were 35 billion yen, and the plant has an annual output capacity of 150,000 kiloliters of beer. This plant has been designed with the environment in mind. It boasts 100 percent recycling of waste materials and obtains 3.3 million kWh, equal to about 20 percent of the plant's annual electrical consumption, from wind power by using the "green electricity certificate" system.

Posted: 2002/08/26 03:12:57 PM
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