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August 24, 2002


Honda Launches Sharing System for Electric Motor-Assisted Bicycles

Keywords: Eco-business / Social Venture Manufacturing industry Policy / Systems Transportation / Mobility 

Honda Motor Cycle, Co., Ltd., of Japan has designed the "Honda Cycle Partner" sharing system for electric motor-assisted bicycles. Under the system, special parking spaces ("ports") are allocated in apartment complexes, and the registered residents can share the bicycles for local transportation. Components of the system include (1) key boxes, (2) bicycle stands, and (3) electric motor-assisted bicycles.

Honda has also been advocating and trying to implement a new model for local transportation, which the company calls the Intelligent Community Vehicle System (ICVS). The ICVS allows community residents to share the use of environmentally friendly vehicles, without losing the benefits of personal mobility, while at the same time lowering environmental burdens, making more effective use of public space, and reducing traffic flows. The Honda Cycle Partner system is the first step to commercialize their ICVS operations.

Posted: 2002/08/24 05:39:52 AM
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