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August 4, 2002


Toyota and Honda to Sell Cars Powered by Fuel Cell

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Toyota Motor Corp. announced on July 1, 2002, that it would introduce a fuel cell hybrid vehicle (FCHV-4) exclusively in Japan and the United States by the end of this year. The previous plan was to introduce the FCHV-4 in 2003. The FCHV-4 has a nickel-metal hydride battery as an alternate power supply, runs at a maximum speed of 150 km/h or faster, covers 300 km on one hydrogen charge, and weighs 1,850 kg. Toyota plans to market the new car with leasing arrangements, and forecasts sales volume of about 20 cars in the year after market introduction.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced on July 24, 2002, that it received the world's first approval to sell a fuel cell-powered vehicle, from the United State government and the state of California. Honda will introduce the car in California and Japan within the year and forecasts total sales of 30 cars over the next two or three years. Honda's fuel cell car is powered by compressed hydrogen gas, running 355 km with one fuel charge. The selling price is yet to be announced, and the cars will be sold on lease.

Posted: 2002/08/04 09:40:52 PM
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