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July 31, 2009


Youth Group (Network)

JFS-Youth team
[Field]translation, communication, network
A SEED Japan
[Field]Recycle, Education, Agriculture, Food, Conference, Event, Fieldwork
Eco League
ECO School Festival Network
[Field]Recycle, Conference, Event
Japan Young Greens
[Field]Proposal, Conference, Event
NPO Nogakujuku
[Field]Education, Agriculture, Food, Proposal, Event, Fieldwork
Peace Child Tokyo
RNECS (Recycle Network by Environmental Conscious Students in Sendai)
[Field]Recycle, Education
[Field]Agriculture, Food, Conference, Event, Fieldwork
YouthCaN Japan
[Field]Education, Conference, Event, Fieldwork

* pages were translated and written by JFS-Youth Team members.